I taught Cortney’s solo to her this weekend and she so thoughtfully gave me a new nickname… Erine (cut off the kath in katherine and you get it). Anyway only is Cortney is allowed to call me that from now on. But she left me messages all over the house when she left today and this was my favorite!
 Its so true right? I mean everyone could use a little of me… hahaha

more choreography

so I am choreographing a solo for Rachel and Brittani’s little sister Courtney (welcome to the blog) and apparently this is how I decided to choreograph today…
hilarious I know. But everyone should go listen to the song Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri, its really good!

so excited for stompfest

we learned the first stomp tonight “Chaos” doesn’t it sound amazing? Yeah well its better than what you think! The wonderful men of Phi Beta Sigma are our partners, coaches, mentors, gurus if you will and they are the BEST! Savannah and I spent over 30 minutes discussing ideas with Antonio, Nick and Oduro! Lets just say The Champ is back or Champs plural duh! Sooooooooo exciting!

this snappy snapshot is from our last year first place win! Thats my fantastic big Katie! 


So I have to teach a dance for Stompfest 2011 tonight to all my lovely zeta stompfest girls and of course true to Katherine form I am just now finishing it… and I get stuck. So what do I do when I get stuck with choreography? youtube, duh. And I was going through my catalog of bookmarked dance files and I came across one of my all time favorites. So You Think You Can Dance (greatest show ever, watch it) Season 4 Chelsie and Mark in Bleeding Love, choreo by the all time greatest NappyTabs…. fall in love and watch it over and over and over again!

finally back in college station

so after four different flight itineraries and delayed baggage I am finally back in College Station getting ready for class tomorrow! Just wanted to share some pictures from my extended weekend!

my cousin ryan with his hot chocolate

uncle bob, cousin ian, cousin charlie

cousin aidan (adorable) 

cousin mac (#19) and some of his hockey people

ryan, ian and katie (me) in the “shark cage” at the Mall of America

the amusement park in the MOA, it used to be Camp Snoopy when I was a kid… so much better

and its sponsored by pepsi… gross. Coke forever!

snow plow out in force during the storm that grounded our planes

I got to bake and miss school. I love minnesota! This is the cookie scooper (or watermelon baller) á la Grandma Mary… love it

beautiful cookie scoops

midnight snack

so good