authenic mexican food… delicioso

I work in the International Studies department at A&M and we went out to eat as a little family today! Three things you should know about the INTS dept 1) everyone speaks Spanish (except me je parle le francais) 2) I love all the free post it notes 3) they know where to find the best Mexican food within a 50 mile radius (it must be something like gay-dar but like Mexican food-ar) So we went to this Mexican restaurant INSIDE a Mexican grocery store called La Michoacana (which means: a girl from Michoac ) This food had changed my life! Every other Mexican restaurant will forever be held to this standard! I got a taco and a gordito with some different kind of meat in each, basically Luis ordered for me! The afterwards we got some Mexican bread…. Y.U.M.

Everyone should go out and buy a “conchas”, that white bread I am holding because you will never want to eat anything else. Remind me to put it on the menu when I open my own bakery.

  • Norm

    love your blog- always fun to read about other people!!!! oh, and i’m following you (it’s like stalking in the blog world, so watch out!)