finally back in college station

so after four different flight itineraries and delayed baggage I am finally back in College Station getting ready for class tomorrow! Just wanted to share some pictures from my extended weekend!

my cousin ryan with his hot chocolate

uncle bob, cousin ian, cousin charlie

cousin aidan (adorable) 

cousin mac (#19) and some of his hockey people

ryan, ian and katie (me) in the “shark cage” at the Mall of America

the amusement park in the MOA, it used to be Camp Snoopy when I was a kid… so much better

and its sponsored by pepsi… gross. Coke forever!

snow plow out in force during the storm that grounded our planes

I got to bake and miss school. I love minnesota! This is the cookie scooper (or watermelon baller) á la Grandma Mary… love it

beautiful cookie scoops

midnight snack

so good