Had a lovely day of no school (WHOOP!) and then stompfest tryouts! We had a great turnout for stomp and for the dance. Unfortunately we had to cut some people from the dance group, I always hate cutting people but we now have a great group of girls who are going to BEAST stompfest in April! We had to cut someone because of many reasons and I know Savannah and I are going to get mucho flac for it. Is that how you spell flac? Oh well right, about the spelling and the receiving of flac. During the dance tryout I banged up my knee pretty badly and there is HUGE bruise currently under an ice pack. Seriously it looks like I have another knee cap under my real one its so big! So I came home and watched Vampire Diaries with my roomie BRITTANI! It is our once-a-week-guilty-pleasure. I have many guilty pleasures that I actually don’t feel guilty about but guilty pleasure makes for a better picture so I’m sticking with it. We of course watched these very attractive vamps with some vampire teeth I got for us! Hilarious! Then after finding out that all of my classes are canceled tomorrow (again, WHOOP!) we looked out side to see SNOW! OMYGOSH snow in College Station, Texas, this happened about once a year so we get pretty excited!