crush party

pictures from last nights crush party for zeta (and a few from the past years!) 
i needed to dye my lab coat for my crush party outfit, the theme was Who is Your TV Alter Ego?

its steaming hot! What popped in my mind? “Ernie’s navy concoction” from Harry Potter, I felt like I was in potions class

my TV alter ego? Dr Temperance Brennan from Bones on FOX! Note the BLUE lab coat, tribal print, chunky necklace, Jeffersonian ID tag, and Fitzgerald (my skull, it was a bank from Urban Outfitters that I spray painted white!)
my first crush party with my Big Katie, theme: Kokomo

freshman year, theme: Who will you be in 20 years? I’m the President… what what

junior year, theme: Party in the USA (á la Miley Cyrus) I’m an illegal alien… that was a tad political… but it was supposed to be funny. Shawn (Harlem Globetrotter) on the left and Robbie (Uncle Sam) on the right

junior year, theme: Margaritaville, I’m a lifeguard and my sign reads


senior year, last semester, theme: Barbie and Ken, Morgan my great grandlittle, Lyssa my grandlittle, Hayley my little and me! I’m Olympic Barbie and my Ken is somewhere else!
  • Morgan

    Dear great granbig, :)
    Just wanted to say, hey
    I’m so lucky to be in this family
    We all look so good together in that family photo :)
    Definitely keeping that for the grandkids… Lol