food food food yummy in my tummy

this was actually last week at Jamba Juice! It sort of made my day esp since they guys were trying to take them from the very top and not cheat in the middle! 
 so after 3.5+ years of living in College Station I finally went to Shipley’s this morning. Zach was going to get them for breakfast for us yesterday… that didn’t happen… so I got them today. The chocolate on was my favorite, basically if you put chocolate on it I’m going to eat it.
yum. chocolate!
Trevor and I had lunch at Antonio’s today. Its on Northgate and is a pizza place that is dang good. 
 my lunch: the crust you see belonged to a black bean, avocado and tomato pizza slice and the one that hasn’t been eaten yet is a mozzarella, tomato and basil slice. Y-U-M
yes this post has been all about food but since Lent is coming up (wednesday people wednesday) that has basically been the only thing on my mind since I will be giving up something(s). Tomorrow is my last day to splurge, so to speak, so there will be a whole lot of food-ing tomorrow and a whole of praying and ashes on wednesday!
thanks for reading dont be weirded out by leaving comments, I would love to read them, even if I dont know you!
  • Norm

    i used to LOVE the shipley donuts in austin!!! dang it, now i’m craving donuts.