friends, the show, not the awesome people I know

my roommate Brittani is obsessed with Friends, and by obsessed I mean owns-every-episode-has-posters-on-her-wall-and-watches-the-episodes-like-people-drink-water. AKA: very obsessed. But its so endearing because it makes me happy all the time to come in the door and hear the real people/sometimes laugh track coming from our tv. So of course last night we watched The One Where No Ones Ready and laughed the entire time. (tomorrow you’ll see what I was doing during the episode…) Today Britt and I literally had a 2+ hour text conversation only communicating by Friends quotes. 

see! Im not kidding! you should go watch the episode and learn how to laugh all over again. Brittani was talking about giving up Friends for Lent (which is in a week and Ive got plans…) but I really hope she doesn’t. I love Brittani so much. She makes my heart smile everyday… even when she says SHUT YOUR MOUTH!