spring break trip to whistler

we left on Saturday morning (early early early, we left the house at 4am!) mom and I had a lay over in San Francisco and then flew on to Seattle where we met up with Josh and Courtney. We headed up to Whistler stopping to stock up at a grocery store and then on through Vancouver and on towards Whistler. We have had a few wonderful days of skiing, tomorrow is our last day (and its St Patrick’s Days – just wait for my outfit!!!) and we have been having a ton of fun!

our car “the black panther” was packed with groceries

Ian and Ryan at their first day of ski school

Whistler Gondola

me on 7th Heaven

a helicopter landed to fly someone out

they ate food off my hat

and my hand

 the top of Blackcomb! The bowl in the back is the one that killed my legs and pulled the muscle in my calf….

up close and personal with my skis

 my skis

Uncle and Bob and Cousin Ryan. Ryan has been sick for the past two days and he is finally feeling better!
  • Anonymous

    Ok, the first picture is not of groceries but of BEER!!! I am glad you all are having a good time!!!