graduation announcements

Things you should know if you’re coming to my graduation (or going to any college graduation)

Courtesy of Real Simple:
1) “What can you do with that degree?” instead ask “What have you learned that will help you do what you enjoy?”
2) “You should go to law school” (I already am but don’t ask other people)
3) “Do you have a job lined up?” Seriously, do you want to someone to punch you?
4) “The economy has been bad before. You’ll get through it.” We’re realistic so don’t sugar coat it, just stay away from the topic.
5) “My fill-in-the-blank relative just got out of college, and she’s doing great!” That’s not inspiring, thats terrifying and a little rude. Who cares? We just graduated not your relative, tell us how cool we are.

Those are the ones from Real Simple, with added commentary from me, and I have thought up some more…

1) So do you have an internship this summer? – No I dont, I’d rather not kill myself working 9-5 this summer when I’m going to be killing myself in law school which will probably be a 24hr job. I am babysitting 2 fantastic kids this summer and I plan on having lots of FUN.

2) Why are you going to law school? I have a very specific reason and its personal, if my dad or stepmother is in the near area I wont tell you. And if you ask the question in a snotty way I’m just going to look straight in your eye and tell you one word – money- and walk away.

3) Is Zach joining you in Minnesota? Rough subject. We’ve discussed it and while I might listen to your input its not really your business. Give me a drink and then I might talk about it.

4) Is that really what you wore for graduation? (Mom this one is for you) All you’re allowed to say is wow you look so pretty/beautiful/gorgeous/enter adjective here! I will reciprocate the feeling on your special day, and if your special days have already gone by then I will tell you that on a random day!

5) What was your GPA/LSAT score/etc? Seriously? Do you want me to punch you, or tell you and make you feel bad? But seriously the diploma is in my hand, I got into law school with a scholarship, who cares what my GPA/LSAT score is!

Things to ask:

1) When are you moving to Minnesota?!
2) Are you getting a kitty for your new apartment?
3) Are you excited?
4) Why didn’t you give the commencement address at graduation? (they totally overlooked me btw)

Can’t wait to see everyone in 18 days! May 13th at 9AM! WHOOP!

  • KKG

    Go girl. I am with you on all of these :-) Looking forward to being classmates!

  • Norm

    good luck with the graduation and move!!! you’ll love getting out of texas for a bit- plus jane can boo hoo with patti about their daughters living so far away.