royal wedding

Now that William and Catherine (great name) are married they too will join me in the rank of Duke and Duchess, what an honor dont you think? They are now TRH Duke and Duchess of Cambrigde, they and the Duchess of Plumewood should totally get together sometime and have tea and cupcakes.

So I was up early this morning to see HISTORY HAPPEN! It was the most beautiful wedding I’ve never been to, or have been to for that matter! So in a couple years when some lucky guy asks me to tie the knot you will basically see a repeat of what went on today, maybe the trees in my abbey wont be as tall but still foliage will be happening. In celebration of their marriage I baked – what else!?

the “catherine middleton” cupcakes I made

there were tears (from me not her)

oh yeah! notice the pearls and English flag shirt! Oh dear I seem to have misplaced my tiara! 

my tea cup cupcakes and my British Flag cupcakes. 

and here I swooned

most. beautiful. gown. ever. 
she brought sleeves back and we should all be thankful
  • Anonymous

    you are tooo cute katherine….we too celebrated in jamaica…speaking like the britts and all that….love you , blessings always..

  • Kendall Elizabeth

    So.. where DID you find the toppers?? So cute!