ZTA is the Stompfest champions for 2011! Whoop! After all that hard work of mine and Savannah’s it was rewarded with the first place trophy (and a lot of criticism and mean remarks from other sororities today, such as “it was fixed” etc) Not cool guys, we put in a lot of hard work and no where in our stomp show did we say we were the best or that you should pledge our sorority or die. But in the end we are the ones with trophy. Winners. Here are some videos and photos that document our greatness!

Our “promo” video that we showed to the chapter!
Everyone with the trophy!

Savannah and me with our first place trophy! I’m a tad sweaty from all that hard work

Janae’ and I before the show!

Savannah, Nick and I waiting for the announcement!

Oh yeah.
Front page of the school’s paper The Battalion today! yay Zeta, yay Stompfest! 

This is our winning Stompfest routine! WHOOP!