party at the zoo

Yesterday mom and I went to the Austin Zoo for Sophia’s birthday! We had a fantastic time! We got to see all the animals that the zoo had rescued from people who didn’t want them anymore. I was really impressed with the zoo! And Sophia was having a blast showing everyone the tigers and the bears! She had a super sweet Princess pinata and a cute zoo cake with animal cookies on top! So adorable! 
the tigers are having a keg party in the pool

and we left the turtles alone to have a little private time…

need your help!

Picture this: a huge black and white canvas hanging above my couch in my Minnesota apartment… the question is which one of my pictures from this past summer to use! I have narrowed it down to four but I just cant choose! Tell me which one is your favorite and why! And when I mean big I mean the-only-piece-of-art-in-the-room big!


Hampton Court


Just comment on this post and tell me which one is your favorite!

end of my childhood

 At the midnight showing of the last Harry Potter Movie ever last night I was very emotional. I remember seeing the first Harry Potter movie at Lakeline Mall with Emily, Jessica and Alex. I had never read the books until that night; after the movie I read the entire first book that my grandmother had given me. When I woke up the next morning I borrowed the next three books from Emily and read them over the weekend. From that point on I was hooked. And when I say hooked I mean completely and utterly obsessed!

 Harry Potter has stayed with me ever since that middle school night, I grew up with Harry Potter, the actors are the same age as I am, and the characters in the books went through the same trials I did, friends, love, trying to kill an evil wizard… oh wait I didn’t do that last thing.

 Never has a book done so much for introducing kids to the magic that is reading and I absolutely love JK Rowling for giving the world a beautiful story about love, courage and the power of friendship. So even though last night was the end of my childhood

the past week…

This time last week I was coming home from Harry Potter World and was coming off a huge high from all the potterness I had experienced! Here are some HP pictures so everyone can relive the that Harry High!
this is Lou from the front gate… apparently flirting with old guys does NOT get you in early… disappointing 

I had a butterbeer for you. yes YOU

oh fred and george, the things you come up with 

peppermint toads… hope realistically in your stomach 

Bertie Bott’s Every Favor Beans! There’s a risk with each mouthful!

the castle!

I made these swim team cupcakes for the Sharks Swim Banquet tonight, that is a swimmer with a green cap just in case you didnt know

the whole ‘pool’