end of my childhood

 At the midnight showing of the last Harry Potter Movie ever last night I was very emotional. I remember seeing the first Harry Potter movie at Lakeline Mall with Emily, Jessica and Alex. I had never read the books until that night; after the movie I read the entire first book that my grandmother had given me. When I woke up the next morning I borrowed the next three books from Emily and read them over the weekend. From that point on I was hooked. And when I say hooked I mean completely and utterly obsessed!

 Harry Potter has stayed with me ever since that middle school night, I grew up with Harry Potter, the actors are the same age as I am, and the characters in the books went through the same trials I did, friends, love, trying to kill an evil wizard… oh wait I didn’t do that last thing.

 Never has a book done so much for introducing kids to the magic that is reading and I absolutely love JK Rowling for giving the world a beautiful story about love, courage and the power of friendship. So even though last night was the end of my childhood