need your help!

Picture this: a huge black and white canvas hanging above my couch in my Minnesota apartment… the question is which one of my pictures from this past summer to use! I have narrowed it down to four but I just cant choose! Tell me which one is your favorite and why! And when I mean big I mean the-only-piece-of-art-in-the-room big!


Hampton Court


Just comment on this post and tell me which one is your favorite!
  • Jackie

    I love the London one! Possibly a biased answer because London is my favorite city… but it would be an awesome view each day.

  • Armita Sobhi

    London as the center piece (obviously) in the living room. But I think it would be really cool to take the Paris, Venice, and maybe 2 more black and white prints (New York and Austin?) and put them in solid thick black frames, maybe 5×7 if you have the room, and arrange them in like a hallway or in the dining room. And you could arrange them in an off center spiral so that it’s not so blockish. Or like maybe a collage type frame, sort of a “where I’ve been”, for another wall/room.

    I feel like that didn’t make any sense. I’ll explain further in person.

  • KaCy eLLe

    You definitely seem like an Anglophile, so as a lover of all things English, I would have to agree with the other comments and say London is the way to go. :)

  • Rachel Richardson

    I love the London one but personally, I think the Venice one would be great above a couch. It has more of a relaxing feel than the London one and I know you want that room to be a place where you can come in after a long day of law school and chill with your favorite glass wine :) Wish I could be there with you!

  • Brittani

    I know this is really old but wanted to suggest anyways :) I would for sure say the Venice one. It is absolutely breath taking and I could just picture it huge and above a couch! All of them are gorgeous but I think that one will be perfect for your room :)

  • Amy

    I would go with Venice!! I really think it would never get old and something about the water and boats makes it really catch your eye!