Cat Naps: poppy’s outlook on life

Sometimes I just get so tired…. I run around all day playing with all the fun toys that Mama Katherine and Grandma Jane bought me and I think Wow I could really use a good nap. Of course if Mama Katherine comes home before I get all the way to sleep I run to the door and crawl up her leg with my very sharp claws to say hello. I don’t understand why she keeps yelling when I do this… Doesn’t she love it when I say hello? But then for the past week all she has done is study, and read books, and get upset about her computer being broken. I don’t mind about the computer even though it was very fun to walk across the keyboard when she was typing, but when she studies it is just so BORING! Unless she has a highlighted then I like to chase it across the page. But I just get so tired after playing all day and watching her study that I just need to curl up on the couch and take a nice cat nap. This is my fifth one of the day but boy are they lovely, this might even be my best one yet. I love how Mama Katherine’s grandma made these pillows, they sure are comfy!
  • Zach

    You are adorable my dear