Minnesota Girl

Well Law School has finally started and I have finally made the trek up to Minneapolis and settled in my new apartment, with my new kitten and a new life. Im not going to sugar coat it, its hard. I miss my mom,  I miss Texas (just not the heat), I miss A&M, I miss my friends and I miss DRIVING! 
Now on to the good things! My little baby Poppy is a joy to come home to everyday and a joy to have curled up next to me at night, my apartment is beautiful (my red wall is FULL of character, tip if you ever want to paint a wall red get professionals to do it), my baking tastes just as good in my new oven as it did in Texas, my law school classes are incredibly interesting, I am meeting fantastic new people and downtown Minneapolis is a very interesting place to explore.
Let me explain some of these amazing pictures below! There are many of Poppy or Poppy with people since she is my new little baby! She likes to climb UP the back on the desk chair and balance on the top of the backrest, that tiny pizza is my favorite kind (pepperoni and black olive) that we got at Zorbaz in DL, mom and we went to the Mall of America and we rode all the roller coasters, the pancakes are from Al’s diner a place in Dinkytown by the U of Minnesota that only seats 13 people but the blueberry pancakes are worth the wait, differeing over which size of chocolate syrup to buy to stock my pantry, the first meal I cooked in the new apartment Mexican Co Cola Chicken (delicious!!!), Mom playing with jumping bean Poppy even though she is allergic to cats, blowing out the candles on my & McKenna & Grandpas bday cake (they got legit number candles but I go the WT ones because people forgot about me… haha), and finally a picture of my law school on the first day! 
I am so blessed and thankful to have a loving mom who would travel all the way to Minnesota to help me for over a week to get set up in my new life! Thank you thank you thank you Mom! I love you!
More pictures of the apartment and Minneapolis to come!