things law students get too excited about…

alright since everyone up here in law school is furiously studying for the midterms that will happen in less than two weeks I just wanted to let all those not in law school in on what makes us (the studying-like-crazy-law-students) extremely happy.
1) highlighters
umm we use these things ALL THE TIME, if someone comes to class without some sort of highlighted material they probably didn’t do their homework the night before. But seriously, I got some new highlighters over the weekend at Walmart, which I know living in Minneapolis home of Target makes that sort of treason but whatever. I was psyched to open these puppies and get to color coding my Contracts book! Oh and torts, and civ pro and my law skills memo and my to do list… see everything is highlighted!!!
2) post its
now this one might just be me but I am a post it fiend, they are every where in my house, on the doors on the mirrors, Poppy had one stuck right above her water bowl last night to remind me of something. These suckers are brilliant! They also come in handy when writing papers, or memos, because you can outline your paper on them, stick them to your desk/table in a spread out linear fashion and once you’re done with a topic you grab the post it and smuch it up and your feeling of accomplishment grows. Until you realize you’ve written three sentences but then its onward to the next post it!
3) caffeine
this might apply to anyone who doesn’t get to sleep in past 10AM, which is me on Thursdays, but for all those law schoolers who get out of bed and go to class to listen to a prof talk about the tedious things they already tried to cram in their brain for hours the night before, caffeine is a must. Whether you get it from tea, coffee or soda (or chocolate!!!) it inevitably is what law students mainline for the first few hours of their day. (for all those out there who caffeine has no effect on, Nick I am talking to you, I do not know how you do it)
So if anyone wants to send a law school care package up to Minnesota please include highlighters (we have enough pink and yellow thank you), post its (the cuter the better) and caffeine (this can be accomplished by a starbucks giftcard…). Oh and if anyone wants to buy The King’s Speech on DVD and include that as well I am sure I can make time to revel in British History before midterms start. Everyone should make time for some British History… just sayin
So in summation: 

Missing Aggieland today

I am feeling a little nostalgic for Aggieland so I decided to make a list… if you’re in Aggieland right now I’m jealous
1) Reveille
2) $4 movies
3) Game day and the flyovers
4) Aggie Quidditch
5) the zeta house and all the free food
6) my weekly lunches with Trevor Dielmann at Antonio’s (pizza yum)
7) living with Rach and Britt
8) nike shorts to school
9) the Chicken where my name is carved
10) HOWDY!
Okay, I’m going to listen to Granger Smith and look at my ring. 
Thanks and Gig Em

up north

Had a great time this weekend in DL with the grandparents! I commandeered their dinning room table and spread out all my homework and slowly worked through the piles! I got to see some cousins and aunts and uncles and my other grandparents so it was an all together fantastic weekend! Poppy had a blast running around the house, she got her first taste of stairs and liked to sit at the top and poke her head through the bars and see what was going on underneath her. Grandma also took her for a “walk” outside and they sat on the dock for a while. Poppy was very curious as to what exactly the lake was but was not excited to get too close to the water. She got to race around the house which is much bigger than my apartment so she was happy AND she got to watch birds outside by the bird feeder… maybe I should get a bird feeder that can hang on my window for her… wonder where I would get one of those!

Poppy’s car ride today

Poppy and I are taking a road trip today to visit the grandparents! Its going to be a looooooong ride, 4 hours, with a baby kitten who cries when you shut her in her carrying case. Which by the way was a gift for my bday! Its lovely and green and polka dotted! But, she cries to be let out and I don’t think I can or want to try and ignore that pitiful little baby cry all the way up north! I’ve heard pros and cons about having small animals out and about in the car but I’m thinking Poppy is going to be exploring the car while I’m driving and her bed will be sitting in the seat and there will be toys on the floor. Wish us good luck!
Isn’t the case adorable? Poppy loves it, as you can see, even though she looks like she wants to claw me to death slowly with her super sharp claws. That’s only because I woke her up when I was taking pictures… or maybe she does want to claw me… I am definitely cutting those bad boys tonight