boys in law school

okay after my what four weeks in law school I have something figured out… no I’m not talking about how to get out of traffic tickets but it might be just as eye opening! You know how people say some girls go to college to get their M.R.S. degree? Well I think some boys go to law school to get their M.R. degree.

Seriously, there are some boys/men/frat boys/slackers in law school who I think are just there to determine who the smartest girls are and latch on to them. They walk in the first day and are on a mission to see which girls are going to be determined enough to land that super high paying job so they can be stay at home daddies who secretly want to sleep with the nanny.

Now I am not saying I have pinpointed one of these guys (or maybe I have) but while girls in college land boys who get their degrees who become low paid civil servants or researchers (I’m not saying these are stand up jobs but at the same time can you really call it “landing?”) while the guys in law school are going to seriously ‘land’ a girl who is going to make bank and her 80 hours a week law firm that they will be able to afford to go on vacations to Hawaii and stay in the hotel Adam Sandler stayed at in that movie Just Go With It. Plus the house husband will also be able to afford to buy more tight polo shirts to show off his muscles that he spends hours a day perfecting while he actually watches the gym bunnies prancing around.

Was that a rant? Sorry I’m not sorry, but if these M.R. degree candidates get higher ranks than I do I will be supremely upset and might hire a private detective to show the ‘landed’ girl just what her husband is up too… there is a private detective agency close to the apartment…. watch out M.R. candidates, hell hath no fury like Katherine beaten in class rank