Cat Naps: poppy’s outlook on life

Hi my non furry friends! It’s getting colder up here in Minneapolis and I have started taking my naps where Mommy Katherine sleeps. She gets up in the morning to get ready and I scramble in bed under the covers and curl up where it is still warm. I think if it gets any colder I am going to do that every morning! 
Mommy Katherine had a visit from Zach last weekend and she was so happy! I like sleeping with Zach because he gets so sneezy when I sleep on his chest right in his face. I also got to meet Mommy Katherine’s friend Kristen she is one pretty cool person! She likes to play so she can come over anytime she wants! I get to go see Mommy Katherine’s grandma and grandpa in a couple days and I am looking forward to exploring their big house and having grandpa pet me as we watch tv. Well I’m getting a little tired so I’m going to take another nap! Until next time! 
  • Kristin

    Poppy, I feel the same way about you.