I miss HEB

Things I miss about HEB (for everyone not from the HEB belt HEB is a grocery store in Texas)
    1) the central market already made meals section, the salmon, the chicken, the SOUPS!
    2) the tech section, need ear buds? they got em, just released DVD, got that too
    3) the flower section because everyone needs nice looking flowers
    4) the frozen treat section, yes they have the frozen bananas covered in chocolate… up here? I cant find em!
    5) HEB bags your own groceries, up in Minnesota you bag your own groceries and then if you are not fast enough the other people wait and stare at you! Ahhh it makes me very self conscious when grocery shopping! don’t judge don’t judge I’m not a fast bagger I’m sorry!

HEB can you open a store up here? Please? Mom at Christmas I will do all the grocery shopping, just so I can soak up all the HEB ions in the store!

I have found that Cub foods up here give out coupons AND at Lund’s they have these super sweet shopping carts that are like double decker! New favorite!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00883938367818423762 Holly

    You can’t forget the spinach dip. HEB has the best spinach dip in the WORLD! They don’t have HEB’s in Dallas :(