life goes on… even though your computer is broken

So my computer has been broken for the past three weeks and I have been DYING to see all the pictures Ive taken! Here is an overview of what has happened in the apst three weeks:
1) law school started
2) went shopping at the farmers market downtown
3) went to the state fair
-ate too much fried food
4) ive baked….. alot
5) ive joined the Pinterest revolution and have found way too many crafts to do
– ive created a craft jar so when Im done with homework I get to pick one, ONE and have some fun
6) Poppy got her second round of shots and has grown by the pounds (shes so big!)
*the other beautiful girl you see in the photos is miss brittany (not to be confused with brittani) she is in law school with me and is a pretty fantastic person if I do say so myself… which I do
more photos to come
and more law school stories…