Missing Aggieland today

I am feeling a little nostalgic for Aggieland so I decided to make a list… if you’re in Aggieland right now I’m jealous
1) Reveille
2) $4 movies
3) Game day and the flyovers
4) Aggie Quidditch
5) the zeta house and all the free food
6) my weekly lunches with Trevor Dielmann at Antonio’s (pizza yum)
7) living with Rach and Britt
8) nike shorts to school
9) the Chicken where my name is carved
10) HOWDY!
Okay, I’m going to listen to Granger Smith and look at my ring. 
Thanks and Gig Em
  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04331797529195067831 KaCy eLLe

    Ugh… I’m missing Aggieland too! Completely agree with most of these (that apply to me) and would like to add a few random ones to the list:

    Karaoke night at O’Bannon’s
    Layne’s chicken fingers
    Hudson’s marvelous British accent

    There are soooo many more of course. Wish I could rewind time for a little while. :(