Poppy’s car ride today

Poppy and I are taking a road trip today to visit the grandparents! Its going to be a looooooong ride, 4 hours, with a baby kitten who cries when you shut her in her carrying case. Which by the way was a gift for my bday! Its lovely and green and polka dotted! But, she cries to be let out and I don’t think I can or want to try and ignore that pitiful little baby cry all the way up north! I’ve heard pros and cons about having small animals out and about in the car but I’m thinking Poppy is going to be exploring the car while I’m driving and her bed will be sitting in the seat and there will be toys on the floor. Wish us good luck!
Isn’t the case adorable? Poppy loves it, as you can see, even though she looks like she wants to claw me to death slowly with her super sharp claws. That’s only because I woke her up when I was taking pictures… or maybe she does want to claw me… I am definitely cutting those bad boys tonight