Potluck in the house

I had a potluck at my house last night for some law school friends! Rules of the potluck: 
1) you must bring something to eat or drink
2) you are not allowed to talk about law school
3) you must let Poppy play, claw and/or sleep on you
Well, number 1 went off without a hitch, we had greek salad, pesto pasta salad, wine, moscato, soda, arnold palmers, pizza rolls (made by yours truly) and for dessert, two kinds of cookies and ice cream cookie sandwiches! Number 2 didn’t happen. Law School came up but hey it’s our life now so it was bound too right? Number three happened with great aplomb. I think Poppy sat on everyone’s lap, tried to pounce on everyone’s feet and convinced a couple people to let her pass out on them. (She tried to make Maria into a cat person… Maria did it work?) Most of these pictures have Poppy in them because she;s so cute I couldn’t resist taking pictures when she made new friends are feel asleep in an adorable position.
We played a little game before we watched Modern Family (hilarious, natch) and here are some highlights of the fun facts I found out about these lovely people….
1) we have someone who graduated with 19 people
2) someone has the governor’s home number in their phone
3) someone set their bed on fire by accident the first month of college
4) someone was riding a horse when it decided he wanted to walk on the highway
5) someone’s hampster died in an oven… yes the oven was on
Numbers 3 & 5 were some of the most hilarious stories I have ever heard in my life. Pretty excited I get to be with these people for the next three years. You should probably come meet us. We’re awesome.
I feel like this is going to become a monthly or bi-monthly thing… and more people are going to be coming, if you’re at USTLaw and you were not at this shindig get your recipes out because you’re coming to the next one