up north

Had a great time this weekend in DL with the grandparents! I commandeered their dinning room table and spread out all my homework and slowly worked through the piles! I got to see some cousins and aunts and uncles and my other grandparents so it was an all together fantastic weekend! Poppy had a blast running around the house, she got her first taste of stairs and liked to sit at the top and poke her head through the bars and see what was going on underneath her. Grandma also took her for a “walk” outside and they sat on the dock for a while. Poppy was very curious as to what exactly the lake was but was not excited to get too close to the water. She got to race around the house which is much bigger than my apartment so she was happy AND she got to watch birds outside by the bird feeder… maybe I should get a bird feeder that can hang on my window for her… wonder where I would get one of those!

  • http://kabbsinmpls.tumblr.com/ Kristin

    ace hardware has adorable bird feeders! Looks like a darn pleasant weekend!

  • Anonymous

    They have bird feeders that suction cup to the outside of windows!