so yesterday I was at Target doing some shopping and of course since I have no one to impress up here I was in sweats, hair in a ponytail, no make up, and my glasses. I am in the check out line and waiting for this mom and her daughter to pay in front of me and the daughter (must have been high school) comes over to me and goes “I just wanted to tell you that I think you are so beautiful.” 
That girl brightened my day so incredibly much yesterday and even though there is a 1 in a million chance that she reads my blog I just wanted to say Thank you again. 
I came home and found these quotes online that pretty much speak to everything that happened.

This post wasnt supposed to be about bragging by any means it was just meant to open everyone’s eyes to what a compliment can mean to a complete stranger. 

Cat Naps: Poppy’s outlook on life

Hello friends! Its me Poppy! I just wanted to say a quick hi and tell you what has been going on! As Im sure you know Mama Katherine went on a trip last week and I did not get to go. I stayed at a friend’s house (Naceda) and I met another cat… it wasn’t pretty. I watch West Side Story with Mama Katherine a while ago and I think the Sharks and the Jets would be a good description of what went on between me and that other cat. I would have the best jazz squares if I was in WSS (everyone loves a good jazz square). Anyway no one died but when Mama Katherine came to pick me up I ran to her and looked straight in her face and told her all about my week and how if she didn’t take me home and scratch my tummy RIGHT THEN I was going to go all Riff/Bernardo knife fight rumble. Well Mama Katherine took me home and I sat in her lap all night and told her all about how I watched Harry Potter at Naceda’s house and how sometimes I would get so excited that I sprinted all around their apartment. Then I got super tired from my story telling that I fell asleep holding Mama Katherine’s arm because I didn’t want her to leave again. 
Until next time my non furry friends! Stay sleepy!
Love, Poppy

What I love about Fall

So I just got my midterm grades back and suffice it to say that I am not too happy with what they turned out to be… see I can be humble, I’m not brilliant. Anyway I want to raise my spirits so I made a list of all the things I love about Fall!
1) the changing leaves, we don’t get the color change in Texas
2) fall break, where I got to see my mama and zach
3) boots with jeans (and tights and leggings and sweats)
4) feeding birds 
5) sleeping burrowed under the covers
6) the chance of snow
7) thanksgiving, where I get to see my mama again
8) the day after thanksgiving when I start playing Christmas music
9) my brother’s birthday on december 1st
10) wrapping my hands around hot chocolate with peppermint 
there now, I feel much better! Hope your day is going great!