5 things

so in the past five days since my last post I have learned 5 things:
1) if you rent a bike in Minneapolis you need a helmet… otherwise you are taking your life in your hands. I think I might have cheated death about 3 times yesterday. I rented a bike the city and Blue Cross Blue Shield provide for the citizens and rode it to get Poppy more medicine. It was a pretty nice bike ride except for the people who decided not to see me… I was in neon orange btw, how could you NOT see me?
2) Getting blood out of your carpet is hard… Poppy got de-clawed last week and Monday something happened and her left paw started bleeding again. Of course she can’t sit still so there was little bloody paw prints all over the carpet, the windowsill and myself by the time it stopped bleeding. She is fine now and I’m sure I was freaking out more than she was. The vet got a frantic call from me and they probably thought I was the one bleeding and not Poppy because I’m was a tad hysterical. Whatever. I love my little baby.
3) Potlucks are better the second time around… had another Potluck on Monday, if you’re keeping up that is the same day Poppy’s paw was bloody, yep it happened about 10 minutes before people started showing up… good times. But at the potluck we had more delicious food than last time and another sweet game! We played our own rendition of Things… there is a topic, one of ours was “things you don’t say when you find out your significant other is pregnant”, and then each person writes down something they wouldn’t say and it goes in the pot and the guesser has to guess which line was written by which person. Pretty hilarious and I will be purchasing the legit game soon (along with Apples to Apples and others for the next potluck!)
4) I really suck at math… I tutor every Tuesday for the Catholic Tutor Corps at a catholic elementary school in Minneapolis and basically its just helping kids with their homework… I do not remember how to do math. I really do not think I would be able to survive without a calculator, thank goodness my phone has one! But seriously, I helped a kid with rounding and addition yesterday, ROUNDING, and I was having a difficult time… I’m in law school and rounding is what throws me…. typical
5) I can make ties… seriously I made a tie on Saturday and it was actually pretty sweet! Like zach is going to wear this tie when we have our date next week (!!!!!) I tied it on myself and was so proud I wore it around the house because I was in such a good mood. I might whip up some more and sell them on etsy… thoughts? Next stop is bowties!