Cat Naps: Poppy’s outlook on life

Hello friends! Its me Poppy! I just wanted to say a quick hi and tell you what has been going on! As Im sure you know Mama Katherine went on a trip last week and I did not get to go. I stayed at a friend’s house (Naceda) and I met another cat… it wasn’t pretty. I watch West Side Story with Mama Katherine a while ago and I think the Sharks and the Jets would be a good description of what went on between me and that other cat. I would have the best jazz squares if I was in WSS (everyone loves a good jazz square). Anyway no one died but when Mama Katherine came to pick me up I ran to her and looked straight in her face and told her all about my week and how if she didn’t take me home and scratch my tummy RIGHT THEN I was going to go all Riff/Bernardo knife fight rumble. Well Mama Katherine took me home and I sat in her lap all night and told her all about how I watched Harry Potter at Naceda’s house and how sometimes I would get so excited that I sprinted all around their apartment. Then I got super tired from my story telling that I fell asleep holding Mama Katherine’s arm because I didn’t want her to leave again. 
Until next time my non furry friends! Stay sleepy!
Love, Poppy