eating some Mexican food in Minnesota…

so I had heard a lot of about this little hole in the wall mexican restaurant (I will not give you the name) and since I haven’t had any mexican food since the beginning of August I was willing to drive to this place, along with Brittany and Nick, and try it out…
all the choices… I really wanted to get the mole but I was not about to test that out up here

Brittany with the dubious looking queso

I’m rockin the glasses… the queso was velveeta… umm hi I’m from Texas and that’s NOT how its done. Oh and there were pickles in my tacos… ?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?! The part of me that loves Chuy’s and every hole in the wall in San Antonio died, literally shriveled up and died. So to make up for the less than stellar food we had to go get some ice cream at this AMAZING place down the street

all the flavors, all homemade with local ingredients 

Winner winner! This place deserves the honor!

I tried the Apple Cinnamon with Caramel Swirl… yum yum yum

Nick at Pumphouse Creamery! So good so good soooooo good!
Last thought: skip the nasty mexican restaurant and go eat ice cream for dinner