midterm thoughts

ironic things I took away from all these midterm reviews…
1) everyone (ie all the 2Ls and 3Ls) stressed not to worry about what other people are doing (good advice) but then they go on to tell us what they did in their 1L year… take away: still stressed
2) outlines are important to have for tests but you wont have time to look at them… take away: stressed, plus nervous because now I have a ton of memorization to do
3) take time to eat, sleep, and workout but you also have to get through all your original homework that is still assigned during midterms…. take away: stressed with no time to eat, sleep, or workout… take away from the take away: stressed, hungry, tired, and sluggish
Final Take Away:
Midterms are stressful
Things that can help me during midterms:
1) diet coke and coffee
2) dinners already made
3) time management (hahaha yeah right)
4) mail (keeps me happy)
5) naps, naps and naps
Cure for Midterms: