poet in law school

So this week in my civ pro class we had one ambitious guy who decided to write his brief of a case in poem format… dont believe me? Check it out…

video courtesy of Alex Monarez (the brilliant friend who whipped out his phone to catch this on video)
Didn’t catch all that? Here is the actual poem:
Arnstein v. Porter:
In Defense of Cole Porter
Poem by Issac Miner
So it may please the Court,
In verse I shall resort
Rule 56(b) says in short,
To quickly be rid of this tort,
A party against whom relief is sought,
Supported by affidavit or not,
May move for your honor,
To get rid of this honker,
And find for this party whose fault is
If there is the slightest doubt in the facts,
Then let a jury see our attacks,
But if the facts are the same,
And there’s no one to blame,
The let the attorney’s out of the law lib.
Now the crux of the argument is this,
That Porter took from Arnstein what was
That the music he wrote,
Is protected by a moat,
And Porters alleged copying amiss.
For Arnstein to prove his claim,
And Porter to disprove just the same,
The Court has set out some rules,
Which are your honor’s tools,
This is a question of law, we exclaim!
The first factor to look at is access,
Which Arnstein must prove Porter did
But as you shall see,
In testimony by he,
That Porter had none to profess.
In his truthful deposition Porter stated,
Without a fact or question abated,
I haven’t heard a note,
That this chap has wrote,
Nor spoken to a person with whom he has
The popular music of any given time,
May share a similar rhythm or rhyme,
But to share a similar theme,
Without showing a scheme,
Similar tunes are in no way a crime.
When Arnstein was deposed for his claim,
His argument seemed really quite lame,
What he said, to wit,
“I don’t know what he had to do with it,
“But I only knew he could have,” all the
If we may now motion the Court,
To quickly resolve this tort,
The plaintiff’s to blame,
For failure to state a claim,
And these proceedings your honor should
It is clear that nothing’s infringed,
And all the plaintiff’s case is hinged,
On the lack of evidence acute,
This lawsuit has no dispute,
So ask for your honor to impinge.
pretty enthusiastic huh? 
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    Soooo entertaining and creative…Kudos to this guy!