Ever since I woke up Sunday morning I have been feeling horrible, and by horrible I actually mean death brought back to life and then beaten with a stick. Nice thought right? Anyway so I have been feeling terrible, my throat feels like I was swallowing lava and it feels like my upstairs neighbors with their clogs on are practicing inside my head. It got so bad I had to miss class yesterday just so I could sleep, which I was justifying because on Monday I couldn’t concentrate on anything the profs were saying.

     So I finally got a Dr appointment last night and after waiting in an extremely shady waiting room they took me back and the nurse who gave me a strep test left no crevice of my throat unswabbed. I swear she was asking me to throw up on her. So after waiting 40 minutes (my extensive knowledge of strep tests tells me that it does not take that long to grow bacteria in a culture…) a Dr came in and checked me out and then said “oh you have a viral infection and I recommend sleep and fluids.” WHHHHHAAAAT?!?? Listen here Dr do you remember when you were in med school and you had finals coming up? Yeah can you just give me a Z pack or something so I feel better? But no, so at this moment I have a water bottle full of OJ with me and plan on taking tylenol every 6 hours. Oh and one of my fellow classmates, Leslie, made me homemade chicken soup last night and brought it to class today. The wonderful smell is currently wafting all around me. She is my new BFF, I cant wait to eat some!

umm Leslie packed an entire 2 days worth of food for me! She is amazing!

yes those are tortellinis in the soup… OMG SO GOOD

      I hope everyone is staying healthy and if you’re feeling a little under the weather then go grab some chicken noodle soup and watch some tv. Although I wouldnt recommend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show when you’re sick… it didn’t make me feel any better… sweet outfits, but not really bolstering my heath.


For thanksgiving mom, poppy, and I headed up north to Detroit Lakes for some family time! It was sa fantastic to be around family and since I had promised myself I wouldn’t let the threat of finals loom over me it was less stressful than I thought it would be. Of course when you have four cousins under 10 and three others who act like they’re five it is quite rowdy in grandma’s house. But hey, it wouldn’t be thanksgiving without and little crazyness would it?
my cousin Aidan putting a puzzle together… he’s pretty good

getting turkey dinner ready in our aprons!

no nachos were not on our holiday dinner menu but they always are at Zorbaz… this was Uncle Bob’s appetizer 

when our family has a white elephant it’s like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get. Ryan got a new doll (courtesy of yours truly)

just hanging around after turkey dinner

after Zorbaz we get a little crazy

our fearless leaders…

yes we are getting ready to play King’s Cup… yes I did have to ask Zach for a quick refresher on some cards

lots of family time at grandmas

uncle brian and poppy… poppy probably got him back for this
me and my Grandma Georgia in her new vest and slippers! 
what a great thanksgiving! now it is officially time to freakout about finals and wish for Christmas time so I can go visit Austin!!! (and mom and zach and college station and L&J and rachel and brittani and must be heaven and all my glory dayzzz girls and the dielmanns and everyone else!)

gifts from home

Mom came into town yesterday morning and we have already done SO MUCH! I might go as far as to say there will be nothing left for the black friday shoppers at the mall of america… I could go that far… but I wont… but I could… hahahaha
the ultimate gift from home! MOM! she loves Poppy so much! (um do you see Poppy’s tongue? adorable) 

Zach’s mom sent me some slippers to keep my feet toasty warm!! They are lovely and I might be wearing them all the time!

Joanie sent me this beautiful angel so I can decorate for the holidays! It is currently sitting on top of my bookshelf! I wish Joanie could see it in person!

One of our shopping trips included the purchase of a rug with became Poppy’s new fav spot to roll around on as soon as it was laid on the ground! 
So excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow!
Gig em’ Aggies! BTHO t.u.!

let it snow let it snow let it SNOOOOOOOWWWW

It has finally happened people! It has snowed in Minneapolis! I. Am. Thrilled. BEYOND EXCITED! So this morning I woke up to depressing cold, bare, empty courtyard and then around 1, while I was watching my beloved Aggies beat the snot out of Kansas, the glorious white stuff started to fall from the sky! It was if God was saying here is the icing on the top of that great Aggie Football game! 
So I ran downstairs to the courtyard after the game and took some pictures of the lovely snow!

Look even Poppy’s birdhouse has snow on it! 

Me in the snow! 
I’m sure when it’s February and there has been six hundred blizzards I will be rethinking my joy over snow but as of right now I am going to bask in the awesomeness that is snow!