gifts from home

Mom came into town yesterday morning and we have already done SO MUCH! I might go as far as to say there will be nothing left for the black friday shoppers at the mall of america… I could go that far… but I wont… but I could… hahahaha
the ultimate gift from home! MOM! she loves Poppy so much! (um do you see Poppy’s tongue? adorable) 

Zach’s mom sent me some slippers to keep my feet toasty warm!! They are lovely and I might be wearing them all the time!

Joanie sent me this beautiful angel so I can decorate for the holidays! It is currently sitting on top of my bookshelf! I wish Joanie could see it in person!

One of our shopping trips included the purchase of a rug with became Poppy’s new fav spot to roll around on as soon as it was laid on the ground! 
So excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow!
Gig em’ Aggies! BTHO t.u.!