Give a little back

So this Thanksgiving season (yes its Thanksgiving season, not yet Christmas all you crazy fools who already have lights up)! I am becoming more and more aware about giving back to those who need it. What can I do, you might ask, well that is a fantastic question considering I am currently penniless living off the food they give us at school for going to meetings that I sometimes listen to and the charity of the government who expect me to pay it back with extra… BUT there are ways I can give back and here is one!
Each Tuesday morning I go tutor at Pope John Paul II Elementary School in St. Paul. Or PJP for short. I help the kids who come in to tutoring in the morning with a multitude of things like reading, math, science or writing. No one has come to me with social studies yet and I am kind of bummed about it, I mean that was one of majors someone please ask me what happened during the English Revolution!!! But every Tuesday you can find me struggling to remember geometry, multiplication (hey the calculator was my BFF) and quickly skimming the science book ahead of the kid who is asking me what the earth’s crust is made of! (PS for all those like me who majored in something other than science its igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock, gold star to me!) 

But each day as I leave the school and go on my merry way to Civil Procedure class I think two things:
1) how amazing the kids are and how blessed they are 
2) how I am so thankful that my algebra teacher cannot see how horrible her student has turned out…