Going to court

I went to court yesterday with my mentor, Judge Pederson. He sits on the Worker’s Compensation Court of Appeals for Minnesota, so he invited me over this morning to hear the oral arguments that were being presented before the court. There were three UT students there, a 2L Nika who I rode with and is super nice, a 3L who is editor in chief of the law review annnnnnnd…….. me. Needless to say to I felt a little self conscious. So to combat this self consciousness I decided to dress he part, I was in my high waisted skirt and purple (representing UST what what) shirt combo and heels. I felt pretty official walking to school to meet Nika… until I stepped outside and froze my bare legs off! Note to self when the temp drops below 50 wear tights! Anyway we got to hear four different oral arguments concerning workers compensation and they were very interesting. You could really tell who had done their prep work before and who hadn’t (note to self always be prepared when going to court). Anyway after the oral arguments we got to sit down with the Judges and discuss the cases (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) It was very exciting! I like to think I held my (1L) own with the 2 and 3L! Then we went to lunch with Nika and her mentor and my mentor and Judge Johnson! Awesome except for the fact I swear we walked about a mile to get to the cafeteria which was in a different building and when I saw different I really mean three buildings away. My footsies were hurting! 
So what did I learn from yesterday that will help me in my law career?
1) wear tights in below 50 weather
2) be prepared and know your case backwards and forwards
3) start with your strongest issue because sometimes the judge cuts you off and if you start with your weakest you wont get to your strongest
4) don’t bring your client to the appeal oral arguments (that was awkward talking about obesity when the lady was sitting right there)
5) get some heels under 2 inches STAT
the capitol building in downtown St. Paul