its Thanksgiving season

okay okay so I kinda alluded to how I was feeling yesterday but I think it deserves its own post…. it is THANKSGIVING time people not Christmas! As much as I love Christmas, and I do love Christmas, I just cannot understand why all the decorations are out right now! I mean they started popping up when November started! I’m sorry but I just cannot get my turkey and mashed potatoes on when I see gingerbread houses, lights and stockings up!
I mean think of all the wonderful things Thanksgiving means! Friendship, charity, thankfulness, football, family and generosity! Oh and think of the history of the celebration I mean the Indians putting their troubles with the pilgrims aside to get together and have a huge meal! (Actually that isn’t historically correct, the day actually involves the massacre of thousands of Indians and John Winthrop proclaiming a day of thanksgiving….) Let’s go with the kindergarten version shall we?

I would like to see little kids getting all hyped up over turkey decorations and squash in the grocery store, I mean can you imagine little kids throwing tantrums over vegetables instead of crap they don’t need? “Mommy mommy I want to buy THAT horn of plenty for Thanksgiving!” “Daddy daddy can we please please PLEASE get the cool bumpy squash?” ” I WANT THAT TURKEY I WANT THAT TURKEY!” I mean seriously who wouldn’t want to hear that in the grocery store?!

And I think Starbucks should roll out some Veterans day cups and Turkey day cups. Ummm yes please!

Can we all just agree that next year we will have Thanksgiving decorations up from Halloween to Thanksgiving and then on Black Friday when everyone is running around shopping themselves silly (I refuse to leave the house and get trampled) the greenery can come out, the stockings can go up and the Starbucks red cups can be filled with Peppermint Hot Chocolate! Deal? DEAL!

PS it is 8 days until Thanksgiving. GET. EXCITED.