Law School Chicken

Do you really want to know what we talk about in law school? Do you really want to get into the complexities of contracts? Of the statute of frauds? Of the parole evidence rule? Of duress? Are you sure you’re up for it? Sometimes it gets very convoluted in the subject matter…. okay… if you’re sure… today in contracts we talked about… 
Yep, chicken. 
We spent 30 minutes on the definition of chicken and how in this one 1960 case the term chicken is ambiguous. Now if you’re like me when I first read this case you’re probably thinking ummm chicken? That is the bird that is not a turkey, a sparrow, or anything they cant make chicken nuggets out of (at least until they changed it to “only white meat”)! But no no no in law the definition of chicken gets bogged down. The case’s name is Frigaliment, don’t look it up, seriously, just trust me, go watch Bones or something, don’t read the case. But anyway, the plaintiff thought the word chicken meant a young chicken that they could boil or fry, the defendant said chicken meant any bird of that genus which included those suitable for stewing. (Starting to understand, why law school is so interesting?) 
Anyway so during our discussion of what chicken really means we watched two videos… they’re pretty funny so go ahead and at least preview them!
It’s julia child with the different kinds of chicken… oh julia can you cook for me?
This was playing when we came into class…
I think today is going to be an interesting day!
P.S. is there a Chick-fil-a in Minneapolis? Because now I want some…