let it snow let it snow let it SNOOOOOOOWWWW

It has finally happened people! It has snowed in Minneapolis! I. Am. Thrilled. BEYOND EXCITED! So this morning I woke up to depressing cold, bare, empty courtyard and then around 1, while I was watching my beloved Aggies beat the snot out of Kansas, the glorious white stuff started to fall from the sky! It was if God was saying here is the icing on the top of that great Aggie Football game! 
So I ran downstairs to the courtyard after the game and took some pictures of the lovely snow!

Look even Poppy’s birdhouse has snow on it! 

Me in the snow! 
I’m sure when it’s February and there has been six hundred blizzards I will be rethinking my joy over snow but as of right now I am going to bask in the awesomeness that is snow!