Potluck #3

so third times the charm right? Ummm RIGHT! Last night I had another potluck at my house and it went swimmingly! There was tons of good food, good friends, and good fun!

 Yes these are Jello Shots. Yes they are delicious. Yes you should have been there.

Yummy yummy!

So many dips. So many chips. So little time to taste them ALL!

 My world famous pizza rolls, they were gone within 3 minutes… you should ask me to make them for you

this was addicting, and probably added 5 pounds with every bite

wish you were there huh?

veggie pizza… love me some veggies
Poppy loves Potlucks!

 She loves alllllllll the shoes she can chew on and smell and play with

All the people who love petting her!
New BFFs
Playing some Apples to Apples