last thoughts of civ pro

tomorrow is my civil procedure final… mixed feelings about this…
1) THANK GOD that finals are over
2) I’m gonna miss Professor Paulsen
3) maybe my nickname “loophole” nolden will fade away now
4) will my next semester classes compare to this one?
Anyway while I studying through these last final hours of my first semester I wanted to leave yall with a fun video that I took on our last class day of civil procedure. We had a BYOB class, true story. Some people had wine, some had beer, we even had bloody marys! There was cake for a classmate who had just become a US citizen (yay!) and of course some learning… however Professor Paulsen true to his aim of making this class memorable and fun had the perfect way for us to remember res judicata. If you have no idea what that is just listen (you might have to turn up the volume)…
bet you learned a lot huh?

law over the break

so apparently law professors like law movies… by our legal writing professors’ offices they have these movie posters hanging, I’m thinking I should rent and watch them over break, if they aren’t good I can at least sit there and go “oh I know what that is!” 

so are these movies worth my time this break? Any others you know about?

oh yeah and just in case the movies weren’t enough fun there’s a board game too… 
we lawyers really are a different breed…

parades and elves

Last night after my torts final (yay! Two down one to go!) Brittany, Rachelle and I went to go see a movie and on our way back the Holidazzle parade was just starting so we grabbed a place over the street in one of the skywalk bridges and watched the parade like little kids! 

then we walked to Macy’s and saw their “A Day in the Life of an Elf” attraction which took up the whole of Macy’s 8th floor

the elfin dormitory, cute little pup

I wish I could take Toys 101
this is my letter to Santa that we dropped in the mailbox at Macy’s

my letter donated $1 to Make-a-Wish!