happy birthday little brother!

yesterday was my little brother’s birthday! we have had some good times (except for every situation when he wears a burnt orange shirt and mistakenly yells out Hook Em…) but I remember dressing him up in girls clothes and putting make up on him in Singapore… too bad I don’t have those pictures on my computer…
Anyway, he turned thirteen yesterday, THIRTEEN, and hes all “yeah cool” he was so chill about becoming a teenager! I remember I was like “yeah I’m a teenager now, watch out” and all that middle school girl pride. 

I asked what he got from dad and his mom and he was like “well they said its a TV but they said its not here yet… wait I’m going to go look to make sure they aren’t trying to hide it from me.” Crazy boy. I said “Luke you are never going to come out of your room now!” and he goes “I don’t come out of my room now.” deadpan like that. Hilarious! 

His birthday party you ask? Well him and his star wars-brony-lego loving friends are going to bring like four TVs in his room today after school and play videos games all night on all four TVs. 
Don’t know what a brony is? Google it! I love him and his crazy middle school nerdy ways!