holiday gift ideas

Ever have that moment when you realize that you have so many people to buy for and you can’t find ANYTHING that is “them”?! Well have no fear here are some ideas that are sure to please the women in your life!
I’ve divided them into three different categories ($, $$, $$$) I’m sure you can figure what they stand for!
disclaimer: these are in no way gift ideas for moi, the only thing I want is to help me prepare for baby Winston!
Tervis Tumbler: these are quite possibly the best cups/mugs/glasses ever! They don’t ‘sweat’ so you don’t really need a coaster (and who has time to search those out?) and you can get them personalized! Initials, sports teams, political parties and charities. 
100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know: this is a cookbook that is great for a woman who is just leaving college or starting out on their own. It is put together by the Editors of Glamour magazine and they really put everything together!
Key Necklace: goes with everything and key’s are very ‘in’ right now! This could even be a stocking stuffer if you so choose, or you could hang it on the tree and let her find it. It looks vintage and has beautiful detailing!
Sephora Brush Set: every woman needs a good set of makeup brushes and while most have a set for daily use it is a hassle to pack them all up when you travel! These Sephora brushes are great quality and come in a handy travel case so it’s easy to throw them in a gym bag, suitcase or weekend duffel!
Poppy Coach Perfume: not only do I love the name (Poppy!) but it smells heavenly! They have multiple sizes so you could potentially put this in the above price section but if you want it as a gift it goes in this section. 
Boyfriend Blazer: this is the perfect blazer to throw on over a shirt to jazz up an every day outfit or throw over a glitzy tank with jeans and heels or a dress to keep it classy and conservatively sexy for a night out. 
Travel Blow Dryer & Tools: like the brush set above every woman has their set they use at home but it is a pain in the butt to pack up the huge and heavy hair tools! These tools are not only cute they are light (plus for the airlines) and easy peasy to pack, oh and it comes with a mini diffuser for your curly haired friends!
Coach Pet Collar & Leash:  not only stylish but functional, yes I know puppies and kittens tend to chew on these but hey just because clothes wear out dont mean you have to wear ugly ones right? Exactly! So if your friend has a pet this would be a great gift! 
Colorful headphones: while the ear bud headphones are great for working out everyone needs a pair that stands out for fun! these come in great colors and have pretty good sound for headphones that don’t cost an arm and leg! My favorite? The mint green and purple ones!
Pearl Earrings: these pear earrings from James Avery are sweet and dainty and oh so beautiful! I’m not one for gaudy jewelry unless I’m making a statement and these appeal to everyone’s classic style. Perfect for any woman in your life!
Apple TV: maybe this is just my tech side coming out (that is very rare) but Apple TV just sounds like a good idea, plus most people have iTunes on their computer and you can stream anything you have on iTunes straight to your computer with this! You can also rent movies etc. I suppose you could just get them a Netflix account or Amazon Prime account which will let you do the same thing! With any of those choices they will think about and thank you all year!
Clarisonic Mia System: this is like a mini version of the amazing Clarisonic facial cleansing system (plus its colored!) This system works wonders and gets your face SUPER clean!
Tory Burch Flats: these flats go with anything. Seriously, anything. They go casual, professional, sexy, heck even formal if you cared to try! They also don’t have the back that digs into your foot with every step!
And finally the “I wish” category…
The Apron: I don’t know what country this is from but this is the apron that could probably cook a meal by itself. This is THE apron of all aprons… 
The Ring: firmly in the I wish category… can Tiffany’s just give this to me? 
 (sorry not having anything for men but I have three finals that are going to kick my butt so gifts for women are the only ones I could do…)