how to get to a Contract final

make like a hermit and rarely see the sun
waste a lot of trees by printing multiple outlines
chocolate cake
warm socks
long showers in which I consider why I even bothered with law school
poppy lying on my computer
pinterest breaks
the tudors soundtrack 
ulcers from stress
pasta and homemade bolognese sauce
study guides
grandma’s nuts and bolts
class powerpoints
a leak in the ceiling that wakes you up at 6AM
diet coke
phone call from mom so you don’t miss the final
pile of unfolded laundry
stack of books
the compilation of a “just in case” bag
late night run to target to get peppermints because when you took the TAKS test they said they help you think 
sleepless night
good breakfast
freak out morning of
wish me luck today! 
I’ve got my first law school final at 1PM! 
Prayers and good thoughts are greatly appreciated!