those things in life…

there are those things in life where everyone tells you you shouldn’t do it, you’re not thinking, you’re ridiculous or you should just take a step back and wait a year or two. well most of us who are human decide to go ahead with those decisions and say come what may to the consequences. And most people look back on those decisions and say yeah maybe I could have done it differently but I wouldn’t have those wonderful memories. Wondering what big life changing decision I’m talking about? Well there is going to be another addition to the Katherine family… woah woah CALM DOWN it is NOT a baby, at least not a human one… 
that’s right I am getting a PUPPY! An English Bulldog to be exact! And yes adding to my anglophile obsession (what you couldn’t tell from the blog name, twitter name, photo in my apartment and love of the Tudor period?) guess what his name is going to be? WINSTON! yes as in Churchill, the big gruff bulwark of the English nation.
I know there will be times where all my research won’t help or I might open the door to find a big pile of puppy poop on my floor and a pillow in shreds but hey that’s life right? 
Winston and his brothers and sister were born yesterday and are so incredibly adorable! Take a look!
that’s Bunny, Winston’s mommy on Thursday, the day before she had her babies

Bunny’s litter, 2 girls and 3 boys

the three boys! I love the little spots on their heads! 
I cannot wait until I get to see them in person and pick out baby Winston and hold in for the first time!
So be on the look out for photos of the newest addition when he comes home in January!

  • ashlee nicole

    oh my gosh! how precious! congrats on your adorable newest addition!