letters to santa

there were three letters to santa leaving the apartment this Christmas…

One: Mine, which checks off (halfway) number 7 on my Birthday Bucket List (did you know that you can drop your (or your kids’) letters to Santa off at Macy’s and for every letter they get they donate $1 to Make A Wish! I did it last year too!

Two: Winston’s

Three: Poppy’s

Isn’t my family adorable?

DBC: Girls in White Dresses discussion

I. Loved. This. Book.

I laughed, I cried, I got mad, I rolled my eyes, and I felt better after I read it.

Do I sound crazy?

Seriously. This book was like talking to your best friends, friends you haven’t seen since high school/college and just catching up on life. These girls in the books are thinking and saying the exact same things that would have come out of my mouth! What did yall think of the book?

Make sure to take the time to join the book club on Goodreads and post your answers to the discussion questions! I will be posting the new book for the book club at the beginning of January, after we get through the holiday rush!

Pass this book on to a friend or sister or mom! It’s such a quick and lighthearted read they will love it too!