Dog Tails: Winston says Hello!

I had so much fun playing with mama katherine and big sis poppy this weekend! Mama katherine slept next to my kennel for two nights because I was crying. I wished she had open the door but she didn’t, she stayed STRONG, but I think she should have open it anyway. But we got to play all day and I got to sniff around the hallway when we went outside. I also figured out that if I bite my water bowl and wriggle it around the water spills out and mama katherine will fill it up… so I can do it again! 
mama katherine is in class right now and I am whining really loudly so maybe she will come home and play with me… think it will work?


Went to lunch at Cossetta’s Italian Market and Pizzeria yesterday with Mikey and let’s just say I was little overwhelmed by the amount of pasta that is in this place! It was so delicious though! If you’ve never been it’s kind of like a cafeteria thing where you stand in line with a tray to order and they dish it up and you go sit down upstairs, except the entire building is decorated in the homestyle italian restaurant way. Mikey and I think next time we need to try the pizza! This place is so good!