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I brought so many books home to Austin with me, some on the ipad and some in their beautiful original form. I have a huge list of books I want to read and books that I think everyone should read (or at least buy and pretend to read). I have lists on my phone, scraps of paper and on bookmarks in other books. I found this great site Goodreads and basically it keeps all my lists together. And an added plus is that you can actually chat with authors!
 I read a lot and by a lot I mean Barnes-and-Noble-is-my-favorite-place-in-the-world and if I could live on books I would be the most well fed person in the world. I know lots of people are conflicted with the whole e-reader thing and I was too but I was given a Nook for Christmas a couple years ago and it was awesome to take my nook to France when I went on my study abroad. I didn’t weigh down my suitcase (already stuffed) with books.
 I will say I still plan on buying actual books if they are “important” like Harry Potter (duh). But now I read all my books on the nook app for the ipad. 
here’s my current list for myself and for you!
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    outlander is pretty good, i have it in paper format if you’re tryna!