final grades

got my first semester finals grades back… and Ron Weasley is here to tell you how I felt when I was looking them up…
here’s to a new semester and more quality time with my desk and my new “study gnome” zach gave me

Here are some of the five best study tips I’ve found through trial and… error:
1) set a timer
I have found that when I look at my planner for everything I need to accomplish I tend to get overwhelmed and then proceed to throw in the towel and watch tv show reruns I don’t need to run. So I’ve started setting a timer for 20 minutes and I say okay do what you need to do for 20 minutes and you can stop after that. usually I get pretty engrossed (or really far into) what I need to do that I keep going.
2) set up everything you need first
Its way easier to stop reading if I don’t have highlighters or stop writing if I don’t know where my book is, so I get everything together then there is no excuse to stop. 
3) plan studying around dinner/lunch
I for one am not able to eat and read law or eat and write or think for that matter at the same time so I have embraced that fact and now whenever I want to watch tv or read a book for myself I plan on doing that during dinner. I study before dinner and (here my DVR is a Godsend) then when I’m finished and hungry I put on my show and cook. I get to watch TV while I cook and then while I eat so I get my break and food at the same time. It also helps because when I am studying I can focus on what I need to do and not on the delicious dinner I’m eating.
4) review things 3x
I learn it in class, review it at home the next day and then go over it again a couple days later. I of course review it when I am studying for finals but one thing I do remember from my freshman psych 101 class is that the more times you look over something the easier it is for the brain to find the pathways to the answer so you’ll remember it easier. Thank you psych class. But seriously, if I can actually recall what the definition/requirements are for something it makes it WAY easier to spot that issue on the exam.
5) explain it to someone who isn’t in the program
Zach, besides hearing about me, basically gets a 101 of every class I take. Saying everything out loud helps me to remember it and if I can explain it to Zach (he’s brilliant but doesn’t know anything about contracts/torts etc) then I know that I understand what is going on. ESPECIALLY if I can win an argument… hee hee Zach hates that!