Manzanillo, Mexico

what a fun trip to mexico! without break any promises (what happens in mexico stays in mexico and all that) I can tell you that this trip might just have been the craziest! we had our own rendition of the movie bridesmaids (I will leave it up to your imagination to figure out which part of the movie we recreated) and we broke the record (and probably the hotel bank) for number of drinks ordered during happy hour
everyone getting on the plane in Houston

mom or should I say “Jungle Jane” with her prezzies (love the gift bags? yeah me too… I am still figuring out a way to nab one from up here in Minnesota

the shrimp that almost burned my tongue off… ‘spicy’ is a whole different ballgame in Mexico

our resort Las Hadas, it was built by a tin billionaire from Bolivia for his daughter and they converted it into a hotel, they also filmed the movie 10 there (we might or might not have reenacted the famous Bo Derek scene… hahahaha)

Joanie in the club with neon glow in the dark jewelry… joanie came prepared with her sparkly shirt

one of the pools at our hotel

the Mexican walmart I ended up in drunk at 10pm at night… can you say stories? 

the beginning of happy hour at the bar, if you’re in this special club you get free drinks during happy hour. I bet they were counting on people ordering two maybe three drinks… our party ordered 54 in one hour which lead to dancing on the bar and me putting tissue paper on my head and dancing around. Happy hour indeed!

they sell homemade doughtnuts on the beach… umm chocolate covered deliciousness

Poppy and mama katherine all tuckered out yesterday after flying back to Minnesota after all the fun of Austin and Mexico