there are many resolutions that people start each year such as 1) losing weight (have you ever been to the gym in January? Its crazy!) 2) quitting smoking 3) being open to new things 4) get organized and 5) quit drinking; but really if you think about it there are other (better) resolutions we could be making. Just in case you are a little late on making your 2012 resolutions here are some ideas for you!
1) spend more time with family
2) volunteer
3) learn something new
4) teach someone something new
5) give without expecting anything in return
6) love more
7) take a vacation with your family
8) reconnect 
9) spend a day without your cell phone
10) recycle
11) sleep more
12) write letters
13) bike or walk to work once a week
14) play hooky one day 
15) when you ask someone how they are – mean it
Mine you ask?